about the switchblade

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Todd Hanson is a kiteboarder and the inventor of the Switchblade and other toys that allow you to ride on more surfaces.  More rideable surfaces means riding more often!  

Kiteboarders around the world are riding the Switchblade.  You may have seen his videos on YouTube or have heard about the Switchblade from your friends or on forums. 

Check out our photos and videos.

$250.00 US Dollars

(includes shipping)

Developed by Todd Hanson, The Switchblade is a external snowboard edge enabling you to ride any surface from mirrored black ice to powder.  It is heel-side mounted.  Adjusts vertically and horizontally.


Do you have control on glare ice? Yes. The blade grips the ice, so you can cruise on anything from black ice to powder. Edging on the board with this control allows for higher speed and the confidence to go into a turn or stop on a dime at a high rate of speed.


How fast can you go? Depends on your cajonas. You can go any speed you want. The blade allows you to track based on how high or low you adjust it. For harder ice conditions, you want the blade a bit lower. For softer ice, you want to raise it up. I call this projection...how much the blade projects from the bottom of the board determines how hooked up you are...it is like hot/cold wax for your skis. You need different wax on different days. Small increments make big changes.


How hard is it to jump with the Switchblade on your board? Is it hard to land the jump without falling? Jumping with a Switchblade is the same as on any board without the blade, just keep the tip and tail of the board fairly sharp because they are the last thing in contact with the ice before you lift off.  Land like you normally would, flat with your nose downwind, lead hip pointing.


Is it possible to make smooth, fast, powered turns? Yes. The key to smooth turns, fast or slow, is finding the right blade projection.  Turn like you normally would on water or snow.


Stop like you would on any other snowboard.  Keeping your blade sharp is key.


Mounting and sharpening instructions for the kit are shown on my videos page. Mounting the Switchblade on your snowboard will almost undoubtedly  void the warranty on your board, so make sure it is one you are willing to devote to the kiting cause. It needs to happen this way till I find a board company willing to make boards with insert capabilities for the Switchblade.

The Switchblade can also be mounted on the toe side edge of your board for toe-side riding.